To be our customers preferred and most trusted technology solution partner.


To enable global lighting brands to pioneer cutting-edge lighting products.


Eulum is an award-winning, independent, international provider of lighting & electronic technology solutions to OEMs.

We add value by conceiving genuinely innovative concepts that our clients would not conceive alone. We bring them to market without diverting client resources from core activities.

We provide complete fixtures, both indoor & outdoor, sub-assembly kits and electronics systems. Our service scope is tailored on a project-by-project basis and encompasses concept design & industrial development, as well as batch production.

We work exclusively in lighting. Our commissions include solutions for new high-runner products, specialized niche products, project-driven specials, product extensions, upgrades & updates, adaptations for new market entry and experimental market-testing projects.


Over the years, Eulum have taken hundreds of custom products from initial concept to completed design. Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers have created individual luminaires and the electronics to power them for global projects of all scales.

Working closely with the customer, we begin with their ideas and devise a practical solution to their specification. We are then able to refine and edit the design to match the customers project and budget through iterative computer models, simulations and prototypes. We create the product renders, drawings and datasheets that enables our customers to sell their new products and the animations and presentations to win the projects.



We had meetings with the client and a site visit so that we could best define exactly what they were proposing and envisage how it would occupy the space. We were able to draw up and agree a specification for their budget so that we could begin the preliminary concepts. We started off with sketches, (as shown below) that highlighted the features that were critical to the design, and how we might achieve them. We then ran through this with the client so that we could gauge their response and utilise their feedback to improve the creation.


We developed the luminaire in Autodesk Inventor so that we could build in the technical aspect of the design, making sure the mechanical components were drawn to the standard where we could begin to work with the fabricators and manufacturers, to gain prices and feedback. We were able to do this by producing technical drawings and liaising with the manufacturers as we revised the design to attain the simplest and most functional design.
We also designed the lighting module at this stage, this was particularly difficult due the the size restraints placed on us by the client. Our in-house LED and Controls PCB designer was able to produce a complicated rough design, so that we knew that the size we were after would be attainable.

We used Keyshot to produce renderings that showed off the luminaire, so that the client could envision the final product and the overall impression that it would make within the space. This enabled the client to sign off the current progress and we moved on to phase 2 of the production which was prototyping.

We worked closely with a specialist glass-working and coatings fabricator in Malaysia that were able to create the orbs that we needed and the one-way mirror effect on the outside. They were able to produce prototypes that we would work with, build up, and send over the the client for the signing off process.

Once the prototypes were signed off we were then able to begin the production. We worked closely with the manufacturers whilst we built the LED board and PCB in our US facility.

Everything came together to produce a one-off, custom luminaire for the client that perfectly illuminated the space it was designed for.


Eulum Design is Born

Eulum Design is founded by Marcus Worthington in Essex, England as an OEM product design & development company.

Coming to the USA

Marcus Worthington and Brian Gery co-found Eulum Design USA in Doylestown, PA, as an electronic design center.

Production Line Introduced

Eulum introduces its first surface mount production line.

New Electronic Design Facility

Production expands to a larger facility and Eulum implements its second and third surface mount production lines.

Eulum Partners With Casambi

Eulum develops wireless modules to connect OEM fixtures on the Casambi Bluetooth system

Introducing Intalim

Eulum introduces the market leading Intalim Bluetooth-enabled product portfolio.

Eulum Partners with Xicato

Xicato and Eulum have formed a product development partnership that will allow users to connect Eulum products to the Xicato Intelligent Lighting Network.


Eulum has formed an Integration partnership with Lens Vector to control their revolutionary Liquid Crystal Beam Shaping Optic.


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