ARCANE – Fully Assembled

ARCANE is a fully integrated light module, enabling wireless control of Light Intensity, Colour Tuning, Full Colour Mixing and 9°-50° Variable Beam Angle; all from the convenience of a simple App.

The Eulum Arcane module was awarded a position in Edison Report’s Top 10 Must-See Products in 2018. More information about the Arcane Module can be found on it’s dedicated page. The Arcane Module.

‘Intriguing’ and ‘dynamic’, the words used by David Morgan, describe LensVector’s Liquid Crystal Lens in the opening paragraph of a two-page spread about Eulum’s ARCANE module, in the June/July Arc Magazine.

Included in the lighting and architecture magazine, David Morgan continues with the history of Lensvector/Eulum and how Eulum has integrated the most recent technologies of Lensvector and Casambi to create the unique module to allow manufacturers to adopt the technology at an early stage without the normally high costs associated with early adoption. The rest of the article describes the features of the different variations available; white, tuneable white and RGBW.

Thank you to Arc Magazine and David Morgan for your kind words.

If you would like to read the full article, you can find it at or click here.

Celebrating the best in Lighting Design, the Darc Awards magazine has featured the Arcane Module in the category of “Best Architectural Lighting Products”. A link to the article can be seen here.

It’s Features Include:

  • 24VDC / 48VDC Constant Voltage Input
  • Wireless BLE input
  • White LED / Tuneable LED / RGBW Colour Mixing

All of the accessories of the Arcane Module can be found here.

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