Eulum specialise in custom luminaire design and bespoke lighting.

Over the years, Eulum have taken hundreds of custom luminaires from initial concept to completed design. Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers have created individual products and the electronics to power them for global projects of all scales.

Working closely with the customer, we begin with their ideas and devise a practical solution to their specification. We are then able to refine and edit the design to match the customers project and budget through iterative computer models, simulations and prototypes. Our engineers create the product renders, drawings and datasheets that enables our customers to sell their new products and the animations and presentations to win projects.

Several Projects


Custom LED and control board design is a cornerstone of our deign process for when we are creating bespoke luminaires.

Both freedom and variety are given to us by being able to generate our own discrete LED boards and control PCBs. This, in-turn, allows us to approach design problems from entirely different angles. It permits the discovery of solutions which would otherwise be unattainable if we were to use standard components, which can so frequently be a limiting factor.

For the majority of our projects a new board is designed specifically for that purpose, which addresses the customers needs absolutely.

Some of these boards can be seen below.

Circuit Boards